"Rick and Tru Story do exactly what is promised - help you tell your company's true story so that your current and potential customers clearly understand the value you bring. Tru Story rewrote our entire website providing not just more effective language, but strategy and positioning too."

Todd Tuckey,
President, Tamarco Contracting Ltd


"At Carecor we engaged Rick's services in helping us think through a core strategic market opportunity. His "Discovery" process capitalizes on the knowledge of all key players on the team and his skill as a moderator and team leader truly helped us come to effective decisions."

Robert Yeo,
CEO, Carecor


"Rick's strategic process is unlike any I've seen by other agencies. It quickly engages your team, gathers insights and drives actionable ideas and next steps. The result is clarity of mission, strategy and messaging"

Robert Tracy Thomas,
Former President, Nestle Food Services, North America


"This is an unsolicited recommendation as Rick's stand-alone results speak volumes. That said, I have worked with Rick over two years as our lead agency in launching and stewarding an altogether new brand at Nestle. Rick has extremely strong strategic capabilities, which he effortlessly translates in leading his team to deliver outstanding creative (consistently testing at 2x more impactful than industry norms) that drives business results. Should an opportunity present itself in the future, I will absolutely retain his expertise once again at a moment's notice."

Justin Jacobson,
Vice President, Marketing, Nestle