This is the domain of senior, experienced people… and that’s what we deliver. High level experience applied to the challenge from brief to execution. Our experience in virtually all categories including B2B, Consumer, Retail and Healthcare makes us the partner you want in the room.

And something else:

Discovery Planning is a unique strategic process that Rick Smith has personally developed and applied over many years of experience for major brands like Nestle, Bridgetone/Firestone, Bell and Astra Zeneca to name only a few.

The core belief behind this process is that strategy is a team sport.

We know that most of the big answers to the strategic questions a company needs to resolve already exist within the collective talents of the brand and management team. Rick is an expert at harnessing that talent and focussing it on the problem, efficiently and effectively. We collaborate to help Client teams address the issues and tap into a collective knowledge that builds upon itself.

We provide full creative development and production services for all communications.

Many Clients turn to us because they don’t have an advertising agency or may have projects that wouldn’t be cost effective for their agency to do. And sometimes it's work that continually falls to the bottom of the priority list because internal resources just can’t get to it.

We create and produce advertising and communications for all media and corporate needs including broadcast, e-campaigns, collateral material, training programs, website content, sales meetings and videos.

In keeping with the vision of providing only senior talent on client businesses, Rick has personally written and managed projects for companies including Target, Pharmasave, Cardinal Health and Apotex.